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Lyn Nance-Sasser and Stephen Sasser

It was while we were in art school together
that we discovered our love for graphic
design, and to prove it, after graduating,
we opened our own award-winning printmaking studio and atelier, working on
our own prints and helping other artists translate their imagery into prints.
After taking a hiatus to start a family, we came back to printmaking.

Our prints have been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world.
Both born in Portland, we have made the city our home and studio since the beginning.

And now we're creating numerous print suites featuring iconic images that inspire us.
A series that has reached wide acclaim features attributes of urban locales from far and wide.
The unusual iconic images are superimposed on vintage, tourist street maps, accompanied by a
“YOU ARE HERE” graphic, pinpointing the precise location of each chosen icon.

The "YOU ARE HERE" prints have recently been joined by a "YOU WERE HERE" series. Featuring long forgotten locations that formerly occupied space in the now modern cities.

Beginning with a grant from Portland's Regional Arts and Culture Council,
"YOU ARE HERE — Portland" began with ten images of our home town, two each from the five city sectors. Then, after executing a successful Kickstarter campaign "You Are Here, Coast-to-Coast, we expanded our geographic reach to include prints featuring icons in cities across North America. And we've begun a new series and completed prints featuring cities in Asia and Europe.

We've also recently added a new series of prints based on books that are stacked. They are drawings of BOOKSTACKS with quotations from historical figures that pertain to books and their importance to humanity.

“Our collaborative process is the foundation of our work. We have been working together on images for over 35 years."


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